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World Vegan Day & Month 2010

November 1st was World Vegan Day, all of November is World Vegan Month and Friends of Animals is hosting a few events to celebrate:

Sunday, November 7th

Monday, November 8th

Hope you can join us!

- The Victoria Vegan & Friends of Animals Victoria

World Vegan Day 2009


We had a very busy and successful day here in Victoria, BC, with three separate events organized by the local chapter of Friends of Animals to celebrate and promote World Vegan Day!

First up at 1pm was our vegan feed-out, volunteers baked delicious vegan cookies and cake, and we invited passers-by on a busy downtown street wishing people a Happy World Vegan Day, and to sample our treats, demonstrating that you can 'have your cake and eat it too', when it comes to eating good food, and not having to hurt any animals in the process as well. We were out for over 2hrs, and distributed numerous copies of FoA's Vegan Starter Guide, as well as the local newsletter we produce, the Victoria Vegan.

At 6pm we hosted a screening of Peaceable Kingdom at a local café, and 20 people turned out to view this moving documentary. Afterwards, we held a short discussion on the ideas of Donald Watson and The Vegan Society, and the empowering affect they hold, and the positive impact each of us can make.

Finally, a smaller group of us continued on to the Lotus Pond, a Buddhist vegan restaurant, and enjoyed delicious food and wonderful company to conclude World Vegan Day!

Below are a few pics from the feed-out:

- Dave Shishkoff & Victoria's Vegans

PS - don't forget to check out our special edition of The Victoria Vegan: Special Edition: World Vegan Day (2 pages, PDFPDF, 408kb)

Original Announcement

November 1st is World Vegan Day, and Friends of Animals is hosting three events to celebrate the day:

PLUS! A new issue of The Victoria Vegan - Special Edition: World Vegan Day (2 pages, PDFPDF, 408kb).

Happy World Vegan Day!

- The Victoria Vegan & Friends of Animals