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Friends of Animals - Vegan Starter Guide!

Thousands of the Canadian version of our Vegan Starter Guides have been distributed in Victoria, and as of January 2012 we have a new version, and will be getting them out as well! Having raised over $2000 thanks to the efforts of local activists at our previous two World Vegan Bakes Sale Day events, we'll have 4,000 more to give out around the city (and in other spots in Canada.)

UPDATE: As of February 2013, we're nearly out of booklets! More recent fundraising efforts include the following:

Total: $1436.99

Goal: $2367.85 (to print another 4,000 VSGs) (Price updated 20/02/13)

They can be found at Sarah's Place, Vshoen, Good Planet Company, Ingredients Health Food Store, Lotus Pond, Green Cuisine, and now Hemp & Company (as of March, 2013) and you can order them from our office as well (send us a note). The booklets are printed on 100% Post-Consumer Waste paper, so no forests harmed in the production (details here).

Here is a PDF of our guide:

For more on vegan and animal rights activism in British Columbia, visit our Victoria Friends of Animals page. If you're in the US, or would like to make an International order, please visit our main Friends of Animals website.