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Vegan Buddy Program

Update: the vegan buddy program is currently suspended, but if you're looking for help going vegan, be sure to check out - encouraging a switch to vegan breakfasts!

Inspired in September 2010 by the number of vegetarians interested in veganism who spoke to us at our table at UVic, we've started a Friends of Animals Vegan Buddy program for Victoria. Great story on the program in a March issue from the Victoria News Group.

It's essentially a mentoring program, where we match up experienced vegans with new vegans, to help them out, give them advice and answer questions by email, over the phone, or perhaps in person.

If you're interested in being a part of this, then click below!

Victoria Vegan Buddy Sign-Up

For more info on becoming vegan, visit and this helpful page from the Vegan Society. Click on the right for local events, resources, and more!


Useful files for promoting the Vegan Buddy program: