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Living With Deer - booklet coverGreater Victoria Deer Advocates

Join us in speaking up for local deer, and encouraging peaceful cohabitation with deer.

We're opposed to the proposed slaughter of deer in Oak Bay and anywhere else in the CRD, and are working hard to provide solutions.

Our primary project has been to produce a Living With Deer booklet, targeting Oak Bay specifically. It has been printed, and will distributed by volunteers throughout the community in February and March, 2014. You can download a digital copy of it here.

Deer Collision Map from the CRDWe've also been demonstrating at the most problematic area of Oak Bay, the speedway along the Uplands Golf Course on Cadboro Bay Road, where the mixture of speeding drivers, poor lighting, and large trees makes for a lethal combination.

According to the CRD Deer Management Strategy map, virtually all collisions with deer have occurred along this stretch. This makes for a relatively solvable problem - nearly all collisions can be eliminated if this particular area is given attention. You can read about our demonstration here. This is an on-going campaign, please contact us if you'd like to join us!

The final 'big' issue is feeding. Deer require habitat and food. We're grateful for the lovely green-spaces in Oak Bay, but we need to control potential food sources. Unfortunately, a lot of people in Oak Bay are actually feeding deer, and this needs to stop. This cannot be over-stated.

As of Janurary 23rd, 2014, not a single ticket has been issued in Oak Bay for feeding in the last two years. They're aware feeding is occuring, but bylaw enforcement depends on reporting. Please refer to our booklet for more on this. This needs to be promoted more.

With less food sources, deer will have less reason to remain in the area. If food remains, deer populations will potentially increase, which is when issues arise. Yes - there will always be some food for them, but we can stop proving preferred food sources, and supplemental feeding.

We can resolve these issues without killing, but only if citizens work with us. For those who care about deer: our options are simple. If we feed deer, they will kill them. If we stop feeding deer, we stand a chance of living peacefully with deer as our neighbors.

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