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Latest News!

5th Annual
World Wide Vegan
Bake Sale Day!

April 26th, 12-4pm
at Green Cuisine in Market Square
Get your goodies!!

Deer in Oak Bay &
Greater Victoria Deer Advocates

Our new 'Living With Deer' booklet
is complete, visit our page for
more details on this, and our
program opposing the deer kill!

Monday, December 9th
Cheers to Seed of Life!
Seed of Life, healthfood store downtown
who we've been
boycotting since April 2011 for
selling seal oil capsules, is no longer
selling them! Please tell Peter, the
new owner, you thank him for
showing compassion for seals!

Help Us Ban the
Horse-Drawn Carriages
Order our NEW POSTCARDS here!

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The Victoria Vegan is a local resource focusing on and celebrating veganism and vegan living, covering various areas that would be of interest to vegans.

The website serves as an archive for this, as well as a regularly-updated and expandable resource of local vegan-friendly groups, venues, activities and tips & tricks for vegan living in the capital of British Columbia.

We're always looking for contributions, to the blog and/or website - don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to be a part of this project!

Thanks for your interest and support of the Victoria vegan community,

Dave Shishkoff